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This website is to showcase our next on-and-off-road expedition from close to Berlin, Germany through Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic States and back across Poland to our start point in Brandenburg, Germany. This like all of our tours starts off in the state of Brandenburg, close to Berlin, Germany, which is within a hard day's drive or leisurely two day drive of the Calais ferry ports serving the UK. It will take place in the Summer of 2009. We invite Land Rover and other 4x4 owner drivers from all over the world to join us on this month-long Scandinavian road trip. This road trip is free and there is no cost involved in joining the other drivers on this fun expedition! Of course, you'll need a car, money for petrol and ferries, and everything you might need for a month on the road!   expedition poland, northern and eastern europe

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  Thus far the Scandinavian Expedition has three confirmed members. Two Land Rover and exploration enthusiasts - a Englishman driving a modified Land Rover Series 3 and a German driving a Land Rover Defender, with a Polish co-driver. Our July / August 2009 expedition will start in Brandenburg, Germany and along the way travel into Poland and north to the Baltic coat for the ferry to Sweden; then onward to Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Latvia Estonia, and across Poland. The exact length of this expedition and route is not set in stone but we will travel will be at a leisurely pace along less-traveled minor roads.

We are looking for two or three other Land Rover or 4x4 owner drivers to join us in this Scandinavian exploration and adventure. To join us costs nothing, if you have your own four-wheel-drive car! We do though have space for two or three paying passengers on board our Land Rovers, who will pay a minimal amount to cover a share in the cost of fuel, etc. We have set a limit of six vehicles and ten participants on the tour. To keep costs down and really get the most out of this adventure we plan to camp out for most nights of the expedition with, perhaps, the odd night in cheap local rural accommodation along the route. Pictures and a detailed account of the expedition will be published on this website as and when this becomes possible. Book your place on the Overland Expedition!

We also do regular tag-along-tours 4x4 weekend taster sessions driving the greenlanes and tracks of the eastern part of Germany and Western Poland, should a shorter sampler road trip be of interest. For these we charge a small fee.


The expedition Land Rover Defender at recent off-road meeting organised by the Polish Land Rover Owners Club Poland.

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