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Overland Road Trip

We are in the early stages of planning an exploratory overland off-road expedition from Brandenburg, Germany to Scandinavia and back through Eastern Europe to Germany during the summer of 2009. The expedition is open to anyone with an interest in such extended road trips. Participants pay all their own costs and have us for company along the way as a free bonus. We will make no money from this trip. We have wide 4x4 experience, but, have yet to travel as far this particular route. This is our next big adventure! The expedition will start out from close to Berlin, Germany and travel through Poland, to Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Latvia and back through Poland to Germany. The exact route and timing is not yet set in stone. Along the way, we will take every opportunity to travel less-travelled roads and take in as much scenery and culture as time allows. It will not be any sort of race. Quite the opposite. We are now looking for three or four other Land Rover or other 4x4 owners and a couple passengers to share in our adventure. If you might be interested in joining us on this off-road adventure, first book a place on one of our smaller expeditions and tagalong tours or complete the expedition contact form for further details.

Extreme Eastern European road conditions!

Siberian road - offroad conditions, on road!

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Map of Siberia, Russia